Sandy Topp

Sandy Topp trained as an Interior Architect and has worked in the field of Heritage Design since 1978, working mainly in Edinburgh on major museums and exhibition projects. In that time he has handled the planning and design for a number of museums and art centres, visitor attractions, historic houses and historic sites.

Sandy has been the principal designer of many 'firsts' - for example the first UK showing of 'The Emperor's Warriors' exhibition and the first showing of 'Star Trek - The Exhibition'

Working on new museums and ‘blockbuster exhibitions’ has meant an involvement in project concept, exhibit selection, narrative structuring, design and tendering, commissioning contractors, marketing and publicity, security and transport of exhibits.

Working partnerships have covered a diverse range - from local community groups to global companies and Foreign Governments. Exhibition and museum design has covered a similarly diverse range, from small museum displays to new museum developments and from small exhibitions to international, travelling ‘Blockbuster’ exhibitions.